Banking Training

Transform Banking Training

Transform New Hire Banking Training with Simulations provides an innovative solution for banking training and bank teller training through customizable e-learning simulations. Our tools make it simple to create role-playing scenarios that build skills, ensure compliance, and speed the productivity of new employees.

Immerse New Hires

Scenarios place trainees in interactions with customers and colleagues, allowing them to gain experience handling transactions, questions, complaints and other scenarios they will encounter daily.

Create Practice Spaces

Simulations give new employees an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of procedures and regulations through the choices they make in various situations before facing customers. Mitigate risk through low-stakes virtual practice.

Personalized Feedback

Explanations for why choices were correct or misguided help cement the ethical and procedural lessons from your training programs. New hires gain confidence in their abilities through guided practice.

Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning means new employees can repeat scenarios as often as needed to feel fully prepared. Managers can monitor their progress and performance in real-time to determine when shadowing or mentoring may be most valuable or if retraining is required in any areas.

Identify Patterns

See how new hires from different backgrounds respond to your simulations and use that information to strengthen your onboarding over time. Detect patterns in knowledge or skill gaps to enhance or expand training.

Easy to Publish and Update

It's easy for banks to build, launch and modify their own scenarios. Our drag and drop creator means creating role-playing simulations is simple, no matter your technical skills. Tailor content to your particular bank's procedures and culture.

Mobile Training Solution

New employees can complete training on their own time via mobile, desktop or tablet. Fits with the busy schedules of most in the banking industry.

Compliments Existing Training

Integrate your simulations with your existing LMS and resources. Use our tools to strengthen the programs you already have in place through interactive and engaging scenario-based learning.

Easy to Update

Continually optimize your simulations to meet changing demands. As regulations, products, security standards, and software change, easily update your scenarios to keep new hires prepared to handle whatever comes their way.

Experience how is transforming banking training and bank teller training with engaging, role-playing scenarios tailored to your needs. Let our mobile and scalable solutions enhance your onboarding, practice compliance and develop skills your employees need to thrive from their very first day on the job.