Immersive Simulator

Immersive Learning Through Interactive Stories

Overview’s simulation builder enables trainers and educators to easily create their own multimedia e-learning simulations. As a simulation creator, you can build simulations by simply copying and pasting links to content hosted on video services like YouTube, uploading images and documents, and adding questions and choices. The intuitive drag and drop interface makes it possible for anyone to create a simulation in virtually no time.

Multi-part Stories

Simulations unfold through an introduction and subsequent rounds. The introduction sets the context, then each round focuses on a stage of the scenario. For example, a sales simulation may move through researching a client, delivering a pitch, and negotiating a deal.

Scenario-weighted Scoring

Choices do not always lead to the same result. Creators can add randomness to simulate unpredictability, where a choice may lead to different point outcomes (e.g. 100 points 10% of the time, 50 points 80% of the time, 20 points 10% of the time). Participants experience the variability of real-world decisions.

Side Effects

Choices can impact not just immediate outcomes but also total performance. A choice may decrease the final score by 10% to show how decisions can have ripple effects, just as in reality.

Choice Tagging

If enabled, participants can see tags applied to their choices to detect meaningful patterns in their thinking and preferences. They gain self-awareness and an individualized assessment of their decision making tendencies.

Detailed results

With an internet connection, you have full access to manage, view results and gain insights from your simulations on any device. See how candidates or students performed and how they made their choices on desktop or mobile.

Mobile Friendly

Participants receive a full report on their performance, including where randomness or side effects came into play, customized feedback on choices, and choice tags if enabled. They gain invaluable perspective on their choices and how to enhance skills.

Our immersive training simulators are designed for optimal learner engagement and real-world skill building. Through interactive stories, participants apply their knowledge and experience the consequences of their decisions. Detailed results and insights then help cement new understandings that translate from the virtual environment to the real world.

Experience the power of immersive learning with Our tools make it remarkably easy to create and deploy your own interactive scenarios. Start crafting stories and designing choices that lead to impactful insights today!