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Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

Overview offers an innovative platform for virtual candidate screening and interactive hiring assessments that optimize your recruiting efforts. Our tools make it simple to create experiences that attract, screen and evaluate candidates to find the perfect fit for any role.

Pre-qualify Candidates

Attract candidates who have pre-qualified themselves based on interests and fit. Those most likely to thrive in the job and stay long-term will be motivated to proceed based on experiencing what you offer.

Save Time

Save time by integrating simulations early in the hiring process. By having candidates complete a short experience before initial phone screens, you can evaluate fit and potential and only then proceed with selected candidates. This enables you to focus your limited time and resources on the strongest candidates.

See Choice Patterns

Through our platform’s choice tagging feature, you can see decision-making patterns that reveal the strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of each candidate. Notice what options candidates gravitate toward to determine how customer-centric, risk-averse, big picture-oriented or detail-focused they are in their thinking.

Beyond the Resume

Gain a well-rounded view of candidates’ abilities that a standard resume or job application alone could not provide. Watch how candidates navigate challenges, complex situations, setbacks or sensitive situations to access qualities and potential beyond credentials.

Built for Easy, Powerful Candidate Assessment provides solutions designed to be:

Easy to Create: Easy for anyone to create, launch and modify. Our drag and drop simulation creator means developing hiring scenarios is simple, no matter your technical skills. Our solution works for screening and assessing candidates for any position.

Accessible: Accessible on any device. Candidates can complete assessments on their own schedules via smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers. Our solution fits in perfectly with their on-the-go job hunt.

Complimentary to Your Existing Systems: Integrated with your existing recruiting tools. Use simulations to enhance the effectiveness of applicant tracking systems, scheduling software and your existing resources. Our solution works with all the tools you currently use to streamline your hiring processes.

Agile: Updated as roles and needs change. Easily modify your simulations to screen for emerging priorities, technologies or soft skills over months or years of use. It’s easy to keep your assessments on the cutting edge.

Customizable to Your Brand: Customized for your company culture and customer base. Tailor your simulations to the environments, interactions and qualities that matter most for success in your organization. Evaluating for fit starts at candidates’ first touchpoint.

Experience how transforms your ability to hire through virtual experiences designed to streamline and strengthen your recruiting efforts. Let scenario-based assessments pre-qualify, pre-screen and evaluate candidates, helping you find the perfect match for your organization’s needs. Make data-driven hiring decisions and build a team poised to reach its full potential. Your organization's success starts here.

Reach new heights through optimized talent acquisition. Revolutionize your hiring process with simulations -- practical, proven and powerful. The future is within reach when you invest in your people. We make that future simple to build -- one experience, one candidate, one hire at a time. Let's get started today!