Simulation Creator

The Only Drag-and-Drop E-Learning Simulation Builder

Overview’s simulation builder enables trainers and educators to easily create their own multimedia e-learning simulations. As a simulation creator, you can build simulations by simply copying and pasting links to content hosted on video services like YouTube, uploading images and documents, and adding questions and choices. The intuitive drag and drop interface makes it possible for anyone to create a simulation in virtually no time.

Drag-and-drop Simplicity

This is the only simulation creation platform with an interface so easy anyone can use it. You can build simulations by copying and pasting links from YouTube, writing your own text, uploading media and adding questions with choices. A few quick steps and your simulation is ready to deploy.

Choice Tagging

The Platform's Choice Tag feature allows you to tag the choices added to your simulations. It then enables you to find patterns in how participants select those choices to gain meaningful insights into their preferences, tendencies and decision making styles. You can understand the thinking behind users' selections.

Mobile Friendly

With an internet connection, you have full access to manage, view results and gain insights from your simulations on any device. See how candidates or students performed and how they made their choices on desktop or mobile.

This e-learning simulation builder makes it remarkably easy to create and tailor interactive simulations. Integrate video, text, images and more to build engaging learning experiences. And with choice-based insights, you can understand how choices are made within your simulations, providing a whole new level of personalized understanding.