Simulations for Startups

Cutting-Edge Training Solution for Scaling Startups


As a fast-growing startup, your biggest challenges are hiring and developing talent quickly while maintaining your culture. E-learning simulations are the solution to scaling your learning and development programs in innovative ways.

Hire Better, Faster

Use simulations to give candidates a preview of what it's like to work at your company. This helps set the right expectations and find people who will thrive in your environment. Candidates get to experience your culture firsthand, and you get to see how they learn, work and make decisions. It's a win-win for finding the best fit.

Accelerate Ramp-Up

With scenario-based training, get new hires up to speed and productive fast with simulations that put them in the scenarios they'll face each day. Learning by doing is immersive and engaging, so they gain experience quickly and confidently. Measure their learning in real-time and address gaps with personalized feedback on choices they make. New hires will feel fully prepared for their new roles in days or weeks instead of months.The ability to build and modify simulations on your schedule means you can provide targeted training around new challenges at a moment's notice. Reps get the information and practice they need right when they need it.

Agile Training Solution

Build a growth mindset through continuous development. Keep your people challenged and invested in constant growth with ongoing simulation-based learning. As roles and responsibilities change, simulations ensure your team is practicing and developing the skills they need to succeed at the pace of your business. Getting frequent feedback and insights into how their thinking and decision making evolves over time.

See Choice Patterns

The choice-based profiles generated from your simulations provide a quantified view into how your people think, learn and develop over the short and long-term. See how teams or individuals strengthen critical skills and balance their tendencies to enhance performance. These insights allow you to make strategic people decisions based on verified data about potential, fit, growth and risk.

As a startup, the key to success is building a team that learns and grows as fast as you do. E-learning simulations enable you to hire better, ramp up quicker and develop continually through experiences tailored to your needs. Whether finding the best candidates, getting new hires fully productive within weeks or keeping your team innovating at the pace of your business, simulations provide data-driven insights and training for the present and future of your company. Tap into the power of simulated scenarios to scale your learning and development in strategic ways. The potential of your organization comes down to the potential of your people, and with simulations, you can create it.