Wealth Management Training

Transform New Hire Training in Wealth Management


Simulations.net provides wealth management firms an innovative solution for accelerating and enhancing training through interactive scenarios tailored to your needs. Our tools make it simple to create customized scenarios that build essential skills, ensure compliance, and prepare new hires to achieve optimal performance and results.

Immserive Scenarios

Immerse new hires in real-world client interactions from day one. Scenarios place trainees in virtual scenarios that simulate meetings, discussions and situations they will manage daily. They’ll gain experience navigating delicate situations and building trust.

Compliance & Accuracy

Practice compliance and procedural accuracy before facing clients. Simulations give new employees an opportunity to demonstrate understanding of regulations, legal requirements, documentation and sensitive processes through low-risk practice. Mitigate risk to your business and your clients' interests.

Personalized Feedback

Participants receive customized feedback and guidance. Explanations for why choices were correct or misguided in scenarios help reinforce your core training programs. New hires gain confidence in their abilities through tailored practice and feedback.

Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning means new employees can repeat and build on scenarios as often as needed to feel fully prepared for client responsibilities. Monitor their progress and performance in real-time.

Identify Patterns

Gain data-driven insights into optimizing your programs. See where new hires from different backgrounds or teams struggle to improve your training over time. Address knowledge gaps and share best practices across the organization.

Built for Simple, Powerful Development

Simulations.net provides solutions designed to be:

Easy to Customize: It's easy to build, launch and modify your simulations so they fit your policies and clientele. Our drag and drop simulation creator means developing role-playing scenarios is simple, no matter your technical skills. Align content with your firm's unique value proposition, brand and strengths.

Accessible: Clients, teammates, and candidates can complete training on their own schedules via mobile, desktop or tablet. Our solution fits conveniently into their personal and work lives.

Complimentary to What You Have: Integrate simulations with your existing LMS and resources. Use simulations to strengthen lessons from orientation and core programs with interactive application of new knowledge and skills. We work with any other solutions you have in place.

Easily Update Content: Able to keep skills and knowledge up-to-date as regulations, products, software and strategies evolve. Quickly update scenarios to address new challenges, opportunities or priorities as the wealth management landscape changes.

Experience how Simulations.net streamlines, scales and strengthens new hire training in wealth management. Let our practical, customizable solutions build essential skills and ensure a consistent, exceptional client experience through deeply engaging practice and development.